Friday, August 20, 2010

NextGen System Configuration Training

We are replacing the Practice Management at work with the NextGen Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) system. WSUPG installed the NextGen EMR several years ago. The normal practice is to install EPM and then EMR, so we are going about it backwards.

Next week, I will be in System Configuration Training for three days. In preparation for this, I took web based training that walked me through most of the functionality. Earlier this week I actually got access to a test environment for EPM and have been poking around that.

The online training was ok, and I learned a lot. I feel prepared for the coursework next week.

At several points in the training, I found myself thinking "Oh, that's how we'll do that."

I did have one issue with the web based training: it would only run in Internet Explorer. I gave up on using IE several years ago and use Firefox as my primary browser after a brief experiment with Chrome earlier this year. It is appalling that ANY web based application requires a particular browser to run in 2010! I sent feedback to NextGen on this when I started the online training.

We're upgrading the EMR next month and once that is done I'll get cracking on building interfaces to EPM. I'll be busy this fall building interfaces to EPM. We'll have several ADT feeds, several charge interfaces, a few lab results interfaces and a Master File interface to load updated provider information. I also have several "flat files" that I will have to parse and use the content to build HL7 messages that will be fed into EPM. I have started coding those, and we should be in good shape.

This should keep me busy most of the fall and winter.

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