Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in Review

It was an interesting year.

I started a new job in January. I'm building interfaces for the Wayne State University Physician Group in Detroit, MI. They have existing interfaces that were built by a person that is no longer there, so my first task was to redirect those interfaces to "pass through" the Rhapsody interface engine so that I could actually see the messages. I started planning for redirecting those interfaces when we replace our practice management system. The PM migration has taken longer than any of us expected.

I finished my Masters Degree in Medical Informatics in June. I went to Evanston for the graduation ceremony with my parents. I had family and friends over to my house to celebrate!

I spent another week camping "up north" with my dog, Sonny, in August. That helped me to recharge my batteries.

The lease on my Volvo S60 ended in December. I picked up a new Lincoln MKZ. I had three S60s and an S40, but, as Ford no longer owns Volvo, I decided to change. I also considered changing to a color other than black, but ended up with another black car.

I continue to play hockey. This time of year, I am playing three and sometimes four nights a week.

I was too busy to play much music while I was working on the Masters degree. Now that that is complete, I have been able to play my Chapman Stick more.

The holidays were nice. I had family over for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

It was a pretty good year.

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