Thursday, March 31, 2011

Red Wings Playoff Prospects

The Red Wings lost another home game last night. Badly.

They lost to the St. Louis Blues. The final score was 10-3. I saw some of the first period. I played hockey last night, so I missed most of the debacle.

This team is not very good. They remind me of the teams from several years ago that won a lot of regular season games, but suffered early playoff exits.

Their defense is horrible, and the goaltending is questionable. That's not the sort of team that does well in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

They seem to think that they will wake up one day in the playoffs and will magically be able to "switch on" and eliminate all of their bad habits and tendencies and have a long run in the playoffs. I fear that they will run into a team that is playing well, has been playing "playoff hockey" for the last month or so just to make the playoffs, has a hot goaltender, and the Wings will lose in five or six games.

Time will tell.

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