Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's all about how you recover

There is a lyric from Marillion that goes like this:

Failure isn't about falling down,
Failure is staying down.

I am in a leadership role in my present job. I work with a team of developers in the role of EDI Architect. We primarily move data between our internal systems and external trading partners.

One member of the team is a Senior Developer with lots of mainframe experience who is very new to the technology that we are using as our interface engine. This engine has a visually based development environment that can be challenging for a traditional "looking at code" developer to get comfortable with.

This week we promoted the first of his projects to production. The next day we realized that we had configured things wrong. He got very flustered. I told him to take a few deep breaths and then sit down with me while we figured it out. I told him that we needed to make sure that the change that we made was correct and that that was more important than making the change quickly.

We sat down and analyzed the problem and came up with a solution that we both agreed with. When we made this change, I brought each component up one at a time to make sure that they functioned as expected. We looked at the data flows and verified that they functioned correctly.

When we got done, I told him "We all make mistakes. It's all about how you recover."

I have now added a couple more things to the list of things that I look at when promoting to production. Hopefully, we both learned something.

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