Monday, May 25, 2009

Red Wings vs Hawks, Game 4

First, a word about the Kronwall hit. I thought that this was a clean hit and did not warrant a penalty, let alone an ejection. If you cannot hit someone who is standing over the puck, we might as well put skirts on them.

Now, for Game 4. The Wings played a very poised, professional game. I did not hear about the injury scratches of Lidstrom, Draper and Datsyuk until just before the game. I expected that veteran Wings and the kids would pick up their games and that is what happened. Hossa and Zetterberg scored two goals each.

The Hawks lost their composure and very well lost the series. They took too many penalties for cheap shots after the whistle. The Wings made them pay on the ensuing power plays. Coach Q can be upset, but it is hard not to call a cross check when your player snaps his stick across the back of a Wing.

The Wings are now up 3-1, going back to the Joe for game 5 on Wednesday. I expect the Wings to finish the series then.

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