Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wings vs Penguins Game 1

Ozzie outplayed Fleury. That's my summary of game 1.

I hope NBC and CBC keep focusing on Cindy Crosby. I liked that NBC had isolation cameras on Crosby and Malkin (and probably Malkin's parents, too). At some point, they might realize that there are two teams in the series and that there are more than two players on the ice.

The Wings played another solid, professional game. The Wings showed once again that they can win without goals from their stars. I don't think that the Penguins can win that way.

I loved Justin Abdelkader's goal!

The Penguins outshot the Wings 32-30. Ozzie played another solid game. Fleury let in two bad goals.

Game two is in a few hours. Let's see if the Penguins can play a better game. If they do not, the series will be short.

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