Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wings vs Penguins - Game 6 Preview

I'm looking forward to this. The Penguins will play desperate hockey. The Wings know that they can win the cup tonight. I expect the Wings to play a solid, professional game and win the series tonight.

Datsyuk makes a big difference, even though he is not playing at 100%. He is one of the best back checking forwards in the game. His vision on the ice allows him to make passes that most other players dream of making. His return was a big part of the Wings victory in Game 5.

I hope NBC keeps their isolation cameras on Crosby and Malkin when the Wings celebrate with the Cup!

I smile every time the announcer says that the goalie "waffle boarded that one away." The goalie's blocker has not looked like a waffle board for twenty years or more.

I heard on the radio this morning that NBC will not allow the Wings to have a "Joe Vision" party and show the game on the big screen at Joe Louis Arena. If NBC are being pinheads, why don't the folks at the Joe just broadcast the CBC telecast instead? The Wings games in the finals have delivered huge ratings numbers in Detroit for NBC. Why do the suits at NBC have to be butheads about this? I hope that someone from the media asks Gary Bettman about this.

I watch the NBC (or Versus) broadcasts because I get them in High Def. I do switch to CBC for their intermissions. What hockey fan would miss Coach's Corner? I also watch the pre-game on CBC, because they show the national anthem, unlike NBC, which shows beer commercials instead.

Go Wings!

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