Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wings vs Penguins - Game 5

It looked like the Penguins were believing all of that press about "old guys out of gas" that we've been hearing for the last couple of days. They seemed frustrated that the old guys did not just get out of their way and wave them on to their victory parade.

I did not join the panic attack that swept hockey town after the two losses in Pittsburgh. I expected that the Wings would play better back at the Joe.

I asked this when the series started, but will NBC finally get a clue and stop putting isolation cameras on Crosby and Malkin now? The only good thing about the isolations on the Penguins is that we get a nice replay of each whack they take at a Red Wing. At least NBC did not pretend that the slashes did not happen. I'm suprised, however, that they didn't edit out the crowd at the Joe chanting "Crosby Sucks!"

They showed Gary Bettman in the third period. He did not look very happy.

The Wings showed poise and the Penguins lost their cool. This game reminded me of Game four against the Black Hawks.

How can Crosby be considered a great player when he does not kill penalties? I take that back...he did kill a penalty last night....he took the first penalty on what ended up being a Wing five on three, so he did step out on the ice when his penalty was done, and technically, he did kill a penalty for all of twenty seconds. By the way, that was twenty more seconds of penalty kill time than Malkin had.

Ozzie played another solid game, stopping twenty two shots to earn the shutout. That's his fifteenth Stanley Cup Shutout. Ozzie is now fourth all time in Stanley Cup shutouts. He also got an assist on Detroit's second goal by Valtteri Filppula.

So, now we get game six in the Igloo. I expect the Penguins to play better (could they play worse?). I hope that the Penguins and their fans get to watch the Wings accept the Cup for the second year in a row!

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