Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another NFL Season

I'm not really much of a football fan.

I've lived in Michigan all of my life. During my lifetime, the Detroit Lions have won a single playoff game. They have been dreadful. Last year, they went 0-16. It's tough to be a football fan in Michigan.

I once worked with a fellow from Pennsylvania. We had to explain the NFL's "blackout rules" to him, as he had never experienced a home game blackout while he lived near Pittsburgh. It is merciful to keep us from having to see the Lions stink every game. The downside is that the NFL punishes us by not showing any game when the Lions are blacked out. Back in the analog teevee days, I could pick up games from Toledo on my rabbit ears, and could watch the Browns when the Lions were blacked out.

I used to think that the Lion's longtime General Manager, Russ Thomas was the primary reason that the Lions stunk. Russ retired years ago. The Lions still stink. The only constant during this long period of stinkiness has been ownership: the Ford Family. They just don't care. NFL teams are guaranteed to make a profit. The revenue sharing from the TV contracts is more than the salary cap. They make money before they put a single behind into a seat, before they sell a single cardboard pizza, and before they sell a single watered down beer. As long as the team makes money, whether they win or lose, why should ownership care? They obviously do not.

I will watch a few football games this year. As I type this, I am watching the Raiders get their lunch money taken from them by the Saints. They look awful. Jeff Garcia just played for the Raiders. He was better than their starter (who's name escapes me). The Raiders may give the Lions a run for their money for the worst team in the league this year.

The Saints are playing Joey Harrington at QB on this drive. Another refugee from the Lions. He just threw a touchdown pass.

I think the Lions won their exhibition game with the Colts this afternoon. The game was not on teevee here.

It's tough to be a football fan in Michigan.

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