Sunday, August 30, 2009

Michael Vick

I am not a big Michael Vick fan. I didn't like him before his conviction. I still don't like him.

If I were a defensive coordinator facing the Eagles, I would do the following:

When Vick is lined up as a wide-out, especially near the formation, I would put a line-backer or defensive lineman on him and tell them to "tee off." When he is not lined up as a QB, he does not get the protection that a QB does. He's just another player at that point. I'd also find a linebacker who owns and loves dogs to line up against Vick. That would be just.

I don't buy the argument that says that Vick has "suffered enough." That's CRAP! He hasn't suffered anything like the suffering that he subjected his dogs to. At the least, he should be made to clean up kennels at dog shelters instead of spending his time in his mansion and in five star hotels.

I've never really liked the Eagles. I like them even less now. When you employ scumbags, you shouldn't expect everyone to love you.

I've added the Eagles to my list of teams that I root against.

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