Sunday, October 18, 2009

Formula One Race in Brasil

Reubens starts from the pole! The Brasilian fans are going wild! The first corner should be exciting.

There were a couple of nasty crashes on the first lap and the safety car was deployed. Sutil, Liuzzi and Alonso are out on the first lap.

The race settled down after that.

Brawn won the constructor's championship. That team wasn't very good until Ross took over the team this year. You kind of wonder how Ferrari feels now, since they booted Ross after Michael Schumacher retired. You also wonder how Honda feels - this team was Honda last year, and they couldn't play dead. This year, they win the constructor's championship.

Mark Webber wins the race. No drama. Unlike last year's race.

Jenson Button wins the drivers championship with a fifth place finish today.

This was a fairly entertaining F1 season. There is one more race in two weeks in Abu Dhabi.

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