Saturday, August 27, 2011

Changing Roles

Healthcare IT is different from other IT in that our customers typically operate 24/7. Thus, our maintenance windows are usually in the wee hours of the morning. You cannot work on healthcare IT any other time.

I've been involved in these early morning sessions for eight years. In my new role as architect, I don't have any real work to do. But, old habits die hard. We performed a maintenance change to a customer's Master Patient Index (MPI) earlier this week. We were able to start that process shortly after 9pm, which is when the last clinic closed. I joined the bridge line and watched the webex as the team worked through the process. I recorded start and stop times for each of the steps in the process and produced a summary for leadership. Even though I wasn't actually at the keyboard doing the work, I felt that just being there and contributing one or two suggestions showed the team that I was part of the team.

This weekend, we are upgrading one of my sites and activating another. The window to perform this work begins at midnight on Sunday morning. I'll try to dial in and listen to progress. I work with a great team, so they will be successful.

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