Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CDA IG Consolidation Ballot Reconciliation

The ballot for the ONC S&I Framework Consolidated CDA IGs closed earlier this month. The response was overwhelming.

There were a total of 554 comments submitted. Of these, 277 were negative.

The HL7 ballot process requires that all negative comments be addressed, resolved and withdrawn by the submitters. So, there is a lot of work to be done before the consolidated guides are approved. This is important, because the ONC would like the consolidated guides to be used for Meaningful Use Stage 2.

The HL7 Structured Documents Working Group (SDWG) resolved 56 negatives during the Orlando Working Group meeting.

A number of the negative votes are publishing related, and we will begin looking at these during today's CDA Documentation call.

Reconciliation will continue to take place on the two ONC calls on Tuesday and Wednesday and during the regular HL7 SDWG call on Thursdays.

I hope to map out a strategy for getting the final Consolidated Guides published using MDHT. We will start that work and not wait for reconciliation to be completed.

It should be a busy summer.

The ONC S&I Framework teams will meet next month in Washington, DC for two days and we hope to get more work done then.

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