Friday, May 13, 2011

First Week

I have had an exciting first week at my new job. It is a hectic environment, so I may be dragged into a meeting without any notice. Either someone will drop by my cube and ask me to join them, or I will receive an electronic meeting invitation ten minutes after the meeting started. It is not unusual to find that I have been "double booked." I've worked in similar environments before, and so far, I have managed to keep up.

I don't have my work email and calendar sync'd up to my Blackberry, yet, so I occasionally miss a meeting. I've submitted a request to have that done, so that should be taken care of in a few days.

I'm reviewing project proposals prior to our submitting a response. These are all for technologies that I have worked with, so I know what to look for. I've read proposals for three state-wide HIEs, and at least one for a regional HIE. It looks like I should be a part of the project teams for most of those.

I am being asked to consult existing project teams to explain technical options to them.

I've written use case narratives that will be handed off to developers.

I am getting better at finding my car in the parking structure after work. The first couple of days, I wandered around for five minutes or so before locating my car. I think that I have that figured out, now.

It has been a good week. I am looking forward to my second week.

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